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Omik Welding rotator

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The OMIK® Welding Turntable is here! A decade in the development has seen the turntable being perfected. Made in Australia with sophisticated electronics and a double reduction drive, it provides accurate and precise variable speed from 0.36 - 6.1 RPM.

Having brass feet and an internal rotary earth, the workpiece remains constantly connected through the top plate to the bench during welding

Our turntable can be used at any angle. Rather than using it on the bench, unscrew the feet and mount the turntable on an angle plate. The optional self-centering welding chuck can be added for holding flanges or tube


Safety is paramount in the modern workplace. The risk of electric shock in fabrication shops is a real hazard.

Other turntables are directly supplied by 240V power. The lead could become damaged by spatter or hot steel exposing live wires which may electrify the turntable and the bench.

The OMIK® turntable powered via a 12V DC plugpack with a 1 metre lead (included). This allows the mains voltage to be kept well away from the work zone.

As the table is driven by double reduction timing belts and not roller chain. Therefore the turntable runs smooth at any angle.


  • Stick, Mig or Tig compatible
  • Stepless variable speed
  • Compact benchtop design
  • Concentric table grooves for workpiece location
  • Brass feet allow earthing from benchtop
  • Heavy Duty internal rotating earth prevents bearing damage
  • Can be vertically mounted
  • Rugged drive and electronics
  • Many years of workshop testing by tradesmen


Weight: 5.6Kg

Dimensions (LxWxH): 310x205x96mm