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3/32 (2.4mm) BLUE DEMON BENDABLE 3 PACK Tungsten

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Blue Demon's new True Flex Bendable Tungsten Welding Electrodes (TETF) is a tungsten electrode containing the same formula as their Multi-Mix (TEMM) tungsten, now with a manufacturing process that makes it bendable at room temperature! That makes these electrodes an absolute must-have for projects with hard-to-reach joints. A great alternative to radioactive 2% thoriated tungsten, this formula has been proven to dramatically increase weld quality and service life by offering unsurpassed stability and consistency in every weld. It is non-thoriated, non-radioactive, and non-carcinogenic. It is a proprietary product containing multiple additives of rare earth oxides. Each additive complements others to enhance the welding performance. Being non-radioactive, it is a popular replacement for thoriated tungsten. True Flex tungsten can be used for both DC and AC applications.


  • Industry’s only bendable tungsten.
  • 2.4mm x 175mm Long
  • Bends at room temperature for tight spaces and difficult torch angles.
  • Tip Colour – Light Blue
  • AWS Class EWG
  • Works on both AC & DC
  • Excellent Arc Stability
  • Easy Starts
  • Excellent Re-Strike
  • Works on inverters and transformer type machines